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CO Sewer
Regulations & Resources

Costilla Sewer Regulations

  • Once you are ready to build or do Long Term RV camping, you must have and be hooked to an approved On-Site Wastewater Treatment System

  • Plumbing System installation must be completed along with a CO State Plumbing Permit # and final inspection certificate. Call 303-869-3469 to obtain plumbing permits and schedule inspections

  • Septic tanks must be 1250 gallons or larger

  • Composting or incinerating toilets are not allowed where the property can accommodate a conforming On-Site Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS)

  • Please see the list of systems contractors below to contact about soil evaluation, system design, and system installation

Sewer Resources

Soil Evaluation: Coleen Romero 719-588-2636


Brandt’s Septic: (719) 480-5301

18466 County Rd R, Manassa, CO 81141


Rocky Mountain Septic: (719) 589-4263

6349 County Rd 106.65, South Alamosa, CO 81101


Mountain Engineering and Testing: (719) 628-2069

2035 ½ Grande Ave, Monte Vista, CO 81144

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