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Costilla, CO Power & Gas


  • Costilla County properties are usually too remote to connect to traditional power grids and electrical lines, so approximately half of all residents use other power sources. Most use solar power because Costilla County has 280 days of sunshine.

  • Residents usually have 1-4 solar panels, and others use a battery pack that is backed up by a gasoline generator.

  • To run freezers and refrigerators, many residents use propane-fueled appliances from reputable companies such as Servel. These appliances are affordable and long-lasting. 

  • Electrical system installation must be completed along with CO State Electrical Permit # and final inspection certificate. Call 303-869-3449 to obtain electrical permits and schedule inspections.

  • You can also call Planning and Zoning Office number for additional power questions: (719) 937-7668


  • Many residents of Costilla County use propane for heating, cooking, and baking. Tanks are delivered by local vendors on a regular basis.

  • Propane fill-ups and service-related issues are done through Monte Vista Co-Op.

  • For a more cost-effective means of heating, some residents use a wood stove as their main heating fuel. Several times a year, “Wood Fest” is held. Residents are given access to private forests where they can cut down dead trees for firewood. For each pickup load, they are charged $10.

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