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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy a parcel?

  1. Pick one out, then click the START PURCHASE PROCESS button on the listing.

  2. Once confirmed, we will ask for a down payment. If cash sale we will send instructions for payment.

  3. Once you confirm the information is correct and funds are received we deed over the property to you!

  4. We also take care of all recording expenses - yipee! 😄

  5. Be creative, make the parcel your own!

Are you a real estate firm/agent?

Nope! We invest in and sell raw land. Bringing you what you’re looking for without the middle man!

Kind of like buying furniture online at 😄

Are there any hidden fees?

No! What you see is what you get.* Any fees associated with purchasing properties you can find here:

  • The Doc Fee: This fee covers the creation of the contract and the filing of all documents necessary with the county.

  • Property taxes: we prorate these and add them to your monthly bill. These typically range from $1 to $20 per month. If buying outright then you are responsible for future bills.**

  • Note Setup/Service Fee: Each property has a $15/month note set-up and a service fee. This fee allows us to continue offering low monthly payments with no credit checks! 

*All fees are clearly noted here and for each property. 


**Cash purchases will not require a note fee or property taxes!

Will I qualify for owner/seller financing?

Yes! We do NOT conduct credit checks or need to verify income or employment. We are NOT a bank and give everyone the opportunity to buy properties from us.

We truly believe land is the best investment, and want everyone to have the chance to own their own slice of paradise!

How do I know if this is a safe way to purchase land?

We want you to feel confident about your new investment.

This is the safest way to transfer/record titles online (using Simplifile).

Just like home buying, land real estate transactions can sometimes be complex. Transactions cannot simply be reversed, therefore we have a very limited window we can offer a refund.


We’re pretty confident you won’t want one!

I want to pay in full, when will the title transfer?

Once payment is received the recording process begins immediately. Great news, it's all online so as soon as we hit "SEND" to record, it's yours!!*


*Please note that certain counties take their time to 'index' their updated records. If in doubt, please contact us or the county and we can verify the status for you!

What are your financing terms?

  • $100 down (for most parcels)

  • $249 document/closing fee

  • First monthly payment begins the month after down payment!

  • Term length will depend on parcel.

  • Once full payment is made, we deed the property over to you!

  • We offer a 10 day grace period + $50 late fee. After the grace period there's a notice of default, followed by a 30 day 'cure' period. If payment is not received for money owed, then the property goes into default.

Can I visit a property?

Absolutely! We encourage that if you can!

Feel free to explore the land prior to purchasing. You do not need our permission to view it.


We just ask that you be respectful of the land and neighbors that are near by.

Also know that many land buyers purchase sight-unseen. We usually have stellar pictures and/or video of our properties!

Can you help me look for a specific kind of property?

The best way to do this is to sign up for our newsletter. We're always getting new parcels and you never know what you'll find!

You can also send us an email with a specific request and we'll do our best to accommodate that. We do not offer official counseling services, but you can inquire should you desire one-on-one support!

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